Our Curriculum

Montessori Philosophy
The Montessori curriculum is a multi-sensory learning experience for your child and aims to stimulate his/her natural desire to learn. Our programme is infused with a holistic programme to nurture character values in every care under our care. While the child develops intellectually, he/she will acquire the character values that will bring about real success in life.

There are five main areas in the Montessori curriculum and Mandarin is included as part of our bilingual programme.

Practical Life

Prepare child for real life experiences.

Allow the child to develop eye-hand coordination, gross and fine motor skills, concentration, attention to detail, and a sense of order.

Increase his/her independence and self-esteem.

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Young children discover the world through their five senses. The Sensorial materials enhance children’s sensitivity to their environment through the use of their five senses – sight, sound, smell, touch and taste. The child will be able to perceive colours, sizes, shapes, sounds, odours and textures. The sensorial materials lay a solid foundation for Mathematics, Geometry, and language development.

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Montessori Language

Using a multi-sensory approach that combines phonics, stories and language experiences which bring meaning to the learning of reading and writing, the child will learn the sounds of the letters, word building and blending. This association of sound and symbol is developed through work with sandpaper letters, “movable alphabet” and small objects. Discovery of reading becomes interesting, fun and creative through activities in the Pink, Blue and Green Montessori language series.

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Montessori Mathematics

The Mathematics materials follow a sequential progression from concrete to abstract. This is taught through the manipulation of concrete objects. For example, the spindle rod teaches the concept of zero while the card and counters teaches the concept of odd and even numbers. Topics will include the four operations, number bonds, fractions, the decimal system, capacity, time and graphs to prepare your child for primary education.

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Cultural Studies

The cultural subjects include geography – the world around us, where the child is introduced to various continents, countries, land and water forms and the solar system; botany and zoology – the world of plants and animals, where the child will be taught to classify impressions into clear and simple categories; and science and art, where the child gain awareness and understanding through their exploration of the environment.

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Chinese Language

A multi-sensory approach that combines specially designed Montessori-graded teaching aids, such as basic Chinese characters/sandpaper materials, with songs, poems and stories to make Chinese fun and interesting to the child. This is also in line with the Ministry of Education (MOE)’s pedagogy and recent directive for all pre-schools. It is our belief that with this approach, not only will your child be able to recognize the Chinese characters, but he/she will be also able to converse, read and write the language with understanding.

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We also provide holistic development through art and craft, music and movement, show and tell, cookery and outdoor activities.

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